Camper Spotlight: Breakthrough for Sarah Bennett

Two-time Total Performance Camper, Sarah Bennett, had a breakthrough season, recently winning the 100 backstroke at her high school conference meet and shaving nearly a second off her best time.  She was interviewed by the Cleveland News Herald after her victory and gave credit to her time at the Elite Fly/Back Camp for contributing to her breakthrough performance.  See the video link for the full interview.  Sarah’s successes continued for the remainder of the season as she qualified for the Division I State Meet for the first time with another personal best of 57.93 in the 100 back, where she went on to place 19th in her first trip to States. 


Sarah's mom remembers Total Performance Swim Camps being the only camps Sarah's coach recommended.  Two years ago, Sarah attended the Competitive Stroke Camp at Kenyon where she had a great experience and won camper of the week.  After a year of strong improvements, Sarah had her sights set on qualifying for the high school state meet.  She wanted to focus on her best stroke, challenge herself with specialized training, and surround herself with other top-swimmers in her specialty.  She then attended the Elite Fly/Back Underwater camp to help her achieve her goals. 


In her interview with the News Herald, she credits the camp with helping her improve the underwater portions of her swims and being one of the factors to her success.  Additionally, Sarah shares that the camps provided her with a dose of inspiration and motivation that she needed to keep striving for her best. “At the Kenyon camps that I attended, I was able to work with very experienced coaches one-on-one and in group settings.  The things I learned at camp have stuck with me and made major differences in my strokes.  These camps helped me remember why I love swimming and helped me set goals for my future.  I still talk to many of the people that I met at camp and I can't wait to see them again this year!”


Video: News Herald interview with Sarah