Go Kenyon! Go Calvin!

KAC pool with swimmers

Tune in this weekend – December 1st and 2nd – as the Kenyon Lords & Ladies host the Total Performance Sports Camps (TPSC) Invitational, and the Calvin Knights host the Calvin Winter Invitational.  Both schools are competing against other Division III teams as well as some Division I and II teams.  After Thursdays events, the Kenyon Lords & Ladies stand in first place at the TPSC Invite, and the Calvin Men’s and Women’s teams stand in fourth at the Calvin Winter Invite.  Representative from both teams will be attempting to qualify for the Division III NCAA Championships in March.  We send our best wishes and fast swimming vibes to our host teams this weekend!

If you would like to cheer along with us and stay tuned to their Day 2 and Day 3 performances, click the following links:

Kenyon’s TPSC Invitational

Calvin Winter Invitational